Saturday, May 10, 2014

What Saudi can learn from India about driving safely

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It's pretty well known that Saudi Arabia has a driving problem. Without even touching on the issue of women, men behind the wheel in Saudi either don't know how to drive properly and/or don't care to drive properly because they know that no repercussions will ensue.
As a result, "each year about $6 billion is spent on matters related to car accidents, which represents about 4 percent of the national income." To make matters worse, many drivers don't wear seat belts (this includes not putting their children in them either) because they believe that Allah will protect them and if He chooses to take their life then so be it. For some reason this logic is only applied to seat belts. How did the seat belt get so lucky? What happened to car locks? Why is the car lock, which prevents your vehicle from being stolen so that you can transport you and your family with relative ease and speed, just not part of this reasoning and used every time you get out of said vehicle? While we're at it, if you're to employ that type of thinking, why not just choose to ignore those doctor's instructions to take your medicine, or to eat right or a myriad of, oh I don't know, A HUNDRED OTHER MILLION THINGS. I am not against being religious nor letting a higher power take the wheel, no pun intended, but please have some consistency people! Saudi drivers, I implore you, keep you and your family safe. Take a lesson from these concerned citizens of India, who have to put up with WAY more cars, bikes, motorcycles, people, and cow related traffic jam problems than you'll ever face.


UPDATE: So obviously someone in KSA is listening to me because guess what I just saw in Al Rashid mall?

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And there was a whole exhibition about it too on the third floor. I couldn't find it though, but I hope that it was informative! 

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