Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Watch these Saudi comedians make fun of students living abroad

Wow wow wee wa. I met so many people today and I learned so much! Everything that I want to type out will probably have to go into more than one blog post. That's OK though, that’ll keep you, dear reader, coming back for more. :)Let's just focus on one thing at a time for now though. I was suggested by my very well connected friend and filmmaker Todd Nims to check out Khambalah, an online show produced by Telfaz11, a creative initiative and online viewing platform from Saudi Arabia. You'll have seen their stuff if you watched the viral music videos "No Woman No Drive" or "Jai Ho" last year.

One of Khambalah's only English videos is called "A Victim of Reputation" so it’s the only one that I watched. I’ve included it below for your viewing pleasure. For all of you English only speaking readers, make sure to turn on the captions.

Funny stuff guys of Khambalah! Here’s some background info to help you appreciate the video better: there are almost 10,000 students from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia studying in the United Kingdom, many of them on study abroad scholarships, so this is definitely something that many Saudi men and women in their early 20s can relate to.

OK well it's been a long day for me and it’s rather late at night so I can't think of my regular witty sign off. Keep your eyes peeled for a review of the LOUD Art exhibition tomorrow night! Or after tomorrow night, since the exhibition is then. So probably the day after tomorrow.

What did you think of the video “A Victim of Reputation?” Did it make you guffaw, chuckle, or giggle? Let me know your thoughts and sense of humour in the comments section below!

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