Monday, May 5, 2014

Watch these ads and learn to live a healthy life

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In another nod to OSN, I love what they've been doing recently for increasing the public's awareness on health issues. I mean it's not all altruistic as it's part of their corporate social responsibility campaign "Live More," but they point to real problems that face the Middle East.
According to a survey conducted by the network, only six percent of those asked exercise even though 36 percent worried about their health. The newest infomercials focus on staying hydrated, especially now that summer's just around the corner.

They had previous ones about decreasing your risk of developing diabetes.


They're fun to watch and easy to understand. I should also give kudos to Infamous Studios based in Dubai, which produces these ads. Keep it up guys! I think that their next campaign should be on Vitamin D deficiency. Recently my friend's doctor just prescribed her supplements without issuing a blood test just because he thought that she "probably" had it anyways! I didn't know that probably was a medical term.

Of course in more serious health news there's the MERS coronavirus, which just had its first U.S. case. As the situation is still evolving and authorities are still trying to figure out how the virus spreads and how to treat it, I don't expect that OSN and Infamous Studios will be producing any MERS awareness ads anytime soon.

UPDATE: For those of us who are fair skinned (I refuse to say pale) and like to spend our time outdoors, please wear sunscreen! Actor Hugh Jackman just recently had another cancerous growth removed from his face. The type of cancer he has is basal-cell carcinoma, a slow growing cancer that is easy to prevent with the use of sunscreen, shade, and long clothing. So yeah, over here you either don't get enough sun or too much. Huh.

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