Wednesday, June 4, 2014

A dumb reason for divorce in Saudi and the Egyptian Jon Stewart

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Sorry sorry sorry for not posting in a few days! I have a few ideas so let's see if we can fit these all in one post or if I have to spread them out.

First off we have an article on why a married couple had to break up. Turns out that they had been breastfed by the same woman, and as that violates a religious edict, a court ordered a verdict for the husband and wife, married 25 years with 7 children, to break up. I feel like this was something that should have been checked before they got married or even before they decided to get engaged. They are not living in sin now, the deed is done, let them be. Poor family. :(

In other news, Bassem Youssef has decided, or rather was pressured to end his satirical TV show El Bernameg. Youssef, a trained surgeon, has been compared to Jon Stewart and became popular in the 2011 uprisings. He criticized Morsi and his government's practices but once he became critical of Sisi's new government, his show was booted off the ONTV network and picked up by the Saudi-owned MBC. His decision to end the show was because there was no "place" for a satirical program in Egypt anymore. Sadly, that seems to be true.

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