Monday, June 23, 2014

Iranian police continue to be fun-hating old farts


Just watch this video of young Iranian men and women cheering on their national football team in the World Cup and tell me you agree that the guy with the knee length pants and calf straps(?) looks like a pirate before you read the depressing news report attached to it.
The Associated Press and Iran's Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) have reported that two participants in a music video for the song "Gole Iran" by Ajam, have been arrested. The chief of police Col. Rahmatollah Taheri, used his favourite word "vulgar," to describe the dancing and singing in the video. You may remember him describing Iran's take on Pharrell’s hit song "Happy" that way back in May. Clearly his word choice is ineffective since Iranians have continued to produce music videos which feature both men and women dancing in the same space. Even if their actions were vulgar, it's hardly anything that would warrant an arrest. This is a FAN VIDEO FOR THE WORLD CUP for Pete’s sake. This is not an incitement to violence or to dance naked in the streets. If anything, most of the people watching this clip are probably among the around 7 million Iranians who live out of Iran, as the video was filmed in and out of Iran and the band is based out of London. To most Iranians who live out of the country, this is probably so normal that they would never deem it as inappropriate. If you ask me, young Iranian men and women will continue to ignore Taheri and continue to film themselves dancing and singing to whatever the heck they want to. I don't want anyone to get arrested, but I THINK THEIR NEXT CHOICE SHOULD BE THE 1983 SONG "SAFETY DANCE" BY MEN WITHOUT HATS.


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