Monday, June 9, 2014

On dancing and dressing in Saudi Arabia

Jilbab fashion line Dhahran Saudi Arabia blogging
Arab News
I hope everyone had a great weekend! I for one did. I went out dancing with my friends in Bahrain, even ended up in a place called Blaq Velvet. (Yes, you read that right.) I couldn't get over the spelling of black for the longest time. I just kept on repeatedly asking, where are we again? Blackwa what? That and the middle aged, tattooed British men with Hawaiian shirts on the dance floor just made the night.

On to my find of the day! I just found out about Jilbab, a fashion line based out of Jeddah. Just another reason for me to visit that city! I swear so many of this country's creative types live out there. Not that, I'm uh, any of them or anything... Anywho, this line produces abayas, thobes, skirts, dresses, and accessories. Saudi fashion designers Nouf Sharbatly and Rehab Mirdad put their heads together and came out with Jilbab after they noticed each other's sense of style at work.

Jilbab fashion line abayat Dhahran Saudi Arabia blogging
Arab News

They launched their line in 2009 and after only selling their products to friends and family, they expanded to exhibitions and bazaars. They've even introduced a line called "Mommy and Me" for mothers who want to match their styles with their daughters. Sharbatly and Mirdad will be showing off their clothes next at the Bisat al-Reeh Ramadan bazaar in Jeddah. You can find their work on Instagram.

Jilbab fashion line abayat Dhahran Saudi Arabia blogging
Arab News

P.S. I did some investigative journalism and found Blaq Velvet (which is actually Blaq Velvet Underground thank you very much)'s Facebook page. Highlights from its "About" section include:
  • "Located in [the] posh side of Juffair..."
    •  BWAHAHAHAHAHA. I used to live in Juffair and lemme tell ya, this posh side has GOT to be about half a block long. But not to begrudge! I had a great time BVU. (Only VIPs know what this stands for.)
  • engages you with the ambiance of an urban chic New York Underground Club."
    • Yes because drunk men from the UK wearing floral button down shirts over their faded tattoos screams urban chic NYC.
  • "The Space is a unique experience for any night owl who not only appreciates quality music but likes to rub shoulders with only the 'creme de la creme'..."
    • BWAHAHAHAHAHA. Oh man, I really can't make fun of this place because I went there and I would actually totally go back.

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