Monday, July 14, 2014

How I learned to appreciate the humble mug

Moroccan Mint Tea Acoustic Lounge Al-Khobar Saudi Arabia blog

If you read "A guide to Al-Khobar part 3" then great. If not, then go read it.
Now that you've read it, here are photos of new artwork that they've hung up in Acoustic Cafe.

Acoustic Tea Lounge and Art Gallery Al-Khobar Saudi Arabia blog
tea Acoustic Tea Lounge and Art Gallery Khobar Saudi Arabia blog

tea Acoustic Tea Lounge and Art Gallery Khobar Saudi Arabia blog

Last time I visited the cafe I had the Rose Latte and it was excellent. This time I went for something different and decided to get the Moroccan Mint Tea. My friend ordered something herbal. Dunno. There were leaves in a bag floating in his drink. Anyways! As you can see the set up I have in front of me is all fancy. I have my own tray, my own teapot and even my own glass. That's right, not a mug, but a glass. Makes everything more elegant, no? While that may be true, in terms of practicality, it fails on all levels. In fact, everything about my order was a fail. The server was thoughtful and placed a napkin around the handle of my teapot, but that proved to be rather useless against the lava-like temperatures of my tea. I tried unsuccessfully to lift it and under the requirements of chivalry, my male friend tried to lift the pot and the poor lamb burned his fingers. Somehow we managed to get the burning hot liquid into my glass just for me to burn my fingers as I attempted to actually drink what I ordered. Even when we waited for it to cool down and my friend was able to lift the pot, when he put his fingers on the lid to keep it down he burned them again because there was no protective napkin on it. Damn you Acoustic Cafe! Don't you know how sensitive and delicate this man's fingers are? And on top of all that, my tea needed honey and there was totally enough room on that tray for a little pot of it. Whatever. The complimentary carrot cupcake was tasty.

I don't know about you, but all I need when it comes to tea is milk and sugar, (here's to you Earl Gray!) and for cups with handles. Every.Time.

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